Nayan not interested to act as Abhishek's sister

Nayantara is in no mood of becoming Abhishek Bachchan 's sister. Well Abhishek is not longing for a sister but just that the southern diva has turned down an offer to star with him. Mani Ratnam had approached Nayantara to play Shoorpankha’s character in his magnum opus Raavan but she turned it down since the character did not interest her.

There are rumours that the scripting team missed out the important character of Shoorpankha while making the first draft. It's only now when a chunk of the movie has been shot have the realised the missing character of Raavan's sister Shoorpankha. Mani has now approached National Award winning actress Priyamani to play the role and she has given her nod.

Raavan is a modern day adaptation of the epic Ramayana. Tamil superstar Vikram will be playing Ram with Aishwarya Bachchan playing the role of Sita. Abhishek Bachchan will play the evil character of Raavan who kidnaps Sita. The movie which is also simultaneously being made in Tamil is expected to hit the theatres in January 2010.



Makasih sobatq, kau tlah berikan terbaek kpd kita, kau tlah mengingatkan banyak Hal dibulan ini untuk selalu ingat kepd Yang KUASA.... Tuhan sungguh mullia,makassih temanq tlh kau ingatkanq untuk ingat kpd Tuhan yg Kuasa.
semoga amal ibadh di bulan ramadhan ini selalu di Ridhoinya... AAAmiiinnnnnnn

Anonymous said...

woow.. beautifull girl, hot + mantaaap. ini blogger orang indo apa india ??


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