2012 hits in india "box office"

‘2012’ directed by Roland Emmerich of ‘Independence Day’ and ‘The Day After Tomorrow’ acclaim is out with addition chartbuster. This appropriate effects-filled actioner was produced with a whooping account of $200 million. But with a $225 actor common cull from accompanying openings in 105 adopted territories the flick fabricated a barrage $160 actor on the all-embracing circuit.

This adversity cine is about cardinal the screens of Tamil Nadu. The Hollywood movie, which is additionally dubbed in Tamil, grossed Rs 4.2 crores in its aperture anniversary and is accepted to rake in about Rs 70 crore in all. Interestingly the sky aerial almanac of Rs 10 lakh accumulating in the aboriginal anniversary by ‘Titanic’ is smashed. In Chennai, the Mayajaal circuitous had to accelerate for addition book back its 14 screens could not accumulate up with the demand.

“As the sci-fi chance unfolds and a able in the Sistine Chapel occurs, a bark goes up amid the crowd, and back California splits from Los Angeles and caves into the sea, acute whistles echo in the halls. Back the film, directed by Roland Emmerich, appear in the accompaniment 10 canicule ago, alike the north-east cloudburst could not accumulate the audiences away,” say the sources who saw the army adequate the movie.


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