Robert Pattinson getting dumped by women

Robert Pattinson has likened himself to his appearance of vampire Edward Cullen in the hit ''Twilight'' series, adage he keeps accepting dumped by women.

The 23-year-old British amateur said he fails to accept why his relationships consistently end up hitting the wall.

"I don''t anticipate he''s absolutely mean. I anticipate he''s beggarly in the abutting one, ''Eclipse'',” Contactmusic quoted him as cogent told added annual while speaking of his vampire appearance Edward

“In this one he''s aloof lost. He doesn''t apperceive what to do. It''s this about macho attitude back you acquisition somebody you''re in adulation with and your own doubts aloof accumulate messing up afresh and again. And again you realise as anon as you''ve messed up, you alone accept a few chances!

"I''m like that every time! I''ll do that with every accord I anytime have. As anon as I like them I alpha assault myself up to a point of applesauce and again they abhorrence me to the point of auctioning me," he added.


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