Tiger Woods Troubled

Troubled sports brilliant Tiger Woods offered wife Elin Nordegren $5m afterwards acceptance to "trangressions" of their marriage, it has emerged.

After three canicule of accurate negotiations, the banknote was offered to Nordegren as amends for her husband's abstruse car blast on Friday, a advocate accustomed with the case told the Daily Beast.

It is allotment of a accord in which the couple's pre-nuptial acceding has additionally been revised, letters the Telegraph. In their aboriginal acceding active afore their October 2004 wedding, Nordegren was set to acquire $20m afterwards 10 years of alliance if it didn't last.

It has been appear that Woods and Elin are both said to be atrocious to save the alliance and are ability counselling.

Meanwhile, it has additionally emerged that Woods offered $1m to one of his lovers to anticipate the capacity of his activity from actuality exposed.


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