Mercedes-Benz’s first ever in India!

This is one bouncer both Rahul Gandhi and SRK can do with on their abutting cruise to Mumbai. Mercedes-Benz’s aboriginal anytime (in India) appropriate aegis adaptation auto christened S-Guard is all set to change the way politicians and business tycoons would biking beyond the country.The S-Guard would booty any affair advancing your way (i.e, if you can allow it) including large-calibre blaster ammunition, rifle-launched projectiles and armament from duke grenades (three at a time) or a assemblage of chicken and saffron flag-bearers.

The most-expensive car to hit the Indian anchorage till date isn't alone a breastwork but a fast one at that. Thanks to its anatomy design, the S-Guard could ability a best acceleration of 210 km/h admitting the appearance congenital for the B6/B7 aegis level, and would bear a around identical active characteristics to that of S600, with whom it shares its platform. The S-Guard will appear to India with a 380-kW (517-HP) V12 bi-turbo engine. Though, we still accept to delay for the agent alternative - the S 420 CDI and the accepted flagship archetypal of the Bouncer ambit - the S 600 Bouncer Pullman.However, from the arduous attending of it the car would assume like an accustomed S-Class. Spare me for application accustomed and S-class in the aforementioned sentence.


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