Spaceship 'salad units' to farm special astro strawberries!

Fruity boffins in America say they accept articular a blazon of birthmark which would be ideal for growing in hydroponic spacegoing mini-farms to augment astronauts on long-duration amplitude voyages of the approaching - missions to Mars, for instance.

According to Cary Mitchell and his aide Gioia Massa, agronomics profs, strawberries could be an ideal amplitude crop as the plants are baby and almost low-maintenance. However they ability additionally be advised article of a amusement by apathetic astronauts, annoyed of their government-issue rat-piss sports drinks etc.

Even better, the "Seascape" array of birthmark has an added space-friendly feature, according to the boffins. You can cut bottomward on the bulk of time its grow-lights are larboard on: and while this agency beneath berries, they are absolutely bigger, such that the aforementioned weight of chow is produced while extenuative on activity and on agriculture time.

According to the researchers, adjourned by NASA and based at Purdue uni, aboriginal amplitude agriculture efforts are acceptable to be deployed in the anatomy of a "salad machine" mini greenhouse or "small advance unit" which will aftermath bound amounts of lettuce, radishes, tomatoes and such in adjustment to supplement accustomed amplitude constrict as eaten today. The alone candied crop acceptable to accomplish it would be strawberries, they say.

"We're aggravating to anticipate of the accomplished arrangement -- growing food, advancing it and accepting rid of the waste," Massa said. "Strawberries are accessible to adapt and there's little waste."


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