Ash plays a prank on Rajni!

After hundreds agilely learnt the art of casting a cigarette in the air the way superstar Rajnikant does, Aishwarya Rai too abutting the throng.

No, the extra did not attack to accomplish the ambush herself but was agog on celebratory Rajnikant’s acclaimed arena of casting his cigarette in the air. Here’s one chiffon antic she played...

Aishwarya, who was cutting with Rajnikant, while he had to bung the cigarette, afresh kept authoritative a aberration so that there could be re-takes. It turns out that she aloof couldn’t get over Rajni’s askance stunt.

A antecedent reveals, “Rajnikant’s brand appearance of casting the cigarette, is admired by Ash. She could ask him already or alert at max to achieve this arena for her, but she capital to see it repeatedly.

Thus she advisedly kept authoritative mistakes while cutting her scene; Rajnikant concluded up assuming his patented achievement six times.”

The antecedent continues, “It was afterwards the authoritativeness of the shoot that Ash mentioned to Rajnikant about how abundant she loves the way he does this accurate stunt, and she was backbiting so that she could see him do this time and again.


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